Enrollment and Registration:

  • The process for enrolling in courses or programs offered by the institute.
  • Requirements for registration, including age restrictions, educational qualifications, and prerequisites.

Course Content and Duration:

  • A description of the courses or programs offered, including learning objectives and topics covered.
  • The duration of each course or program, including start and end dates.

Payment and Pricing:

  • Payment methods accepted by the thinkinspire IT.
  • Pricing details, including any applicable fees, taxes, or discounts.

Attendance and Participation:

  • Expectations regarding student attendance and participation in courses or programs.
  • Policies regarding absences, make-up sessions, and rescheduling.

Intellectual Property:

  • The ownership and copyright of course materials and content provided by the institute.
  • Restrictions on the use, reproduction, or distribution of course materials.